Children learn to ski with Ivica Kostelić and Filip Zubčić on the slope in Bakačeva Street

16. January 2017.

FIS World Snow Day was celebrated on Bakačeva Street today, with the mayor of Zagreb, Milan Bandić, Croatia’s best skier Ivica Kostelić and Filip Zubčić joining the citizens on the ski course in the centre of town. This was the sixth edition of the FIS World Snow Day, marked in 46 countries around the world by a total of 478 different events organised to provide the children with an opportunity to not only enjoy snow sports but also learn more about them. In Zagreb, the children were given a unique opportunity to make their first ski steps together with the best male skier in the history of the sport in Croatia, with Filip Zubčić assisting them in their first steps on the snow.

On the occasion of the FIS World Snow Day, mayor Bandić remarked:

“It’s a great thing that the children may come here with their parents and grandparents and get introduced to skiing for the first time. It’s wonderful that our Ivica and Filip are here with the children who can see them as rolemodels, train with them and feel the magic of the snow in Bakačeva Street,” said the mayor, commending the FIS World Snow Day programme.
“It was wonderful to be a part of all these events, first at the race featuring overall World Cup winners, and now with these children, who put their skis on for the first time in their lives, right here on the course in the centre of the city. If I had to choose, I wouldn’t be able to tell you which event I liked better as each was unique in its own way and I equally enjoyed both of them,” Ivica Kostelić said after spending time with the many children who had come to ski in his company.

Filip Zubčić enthusiastically remarked:

“This is a great event and a great day – it was my first time having the opportunity to teach someone to ski. We need something like this every year!”

Marina Rajković from the Ski & Snowboarding Klub Maksimir summed up the course of the programme of the free schools for children which took part between 6 and 14 January in the heart of Zagreb:

“Everything was in order. More than 1,100 children have skied in Bakačeva Street over the course of the past days. A large number of them made their first steps on the skies, but also on snowboards. We had children from ages of 1 year and two months to about 5 years of age in our snowboard park,” exclaimed Rajković with delight, adding, “this is not the end of celebration of the FIS World Snow Day as we also have the FIS snowboarding slopestyle competition on Sljeme on 28 January which will round off the celebration of the snow days and children on snow.”

The ski course in Bakačeva Street closed following the FIS World Snow Day celebration, thus ending in the best possible way the ski events in Zagreb’s main square that had begun with the spectacular exhibition race between the overall World Cup winners on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the first ever FIS Alpine Ski World Cup. After 18 of the greatest names in the history of the world’s skiing, including Croatia’s own Janica and Ivica Kostelić, big crystal globe record holder Annemarie Moser-Pröll, and first ever overall World Cup winner Jean-Claude Killy, had
skied down the course that ran from the Zagreb Cathedral to the Bana Josipa Jelačića Square, the course in Bakačeva Street then remained open for an entire week for the children and the public. As part of the FIS campaign titled “Bring Children to the Snow”, both the children and the adults were able to either ski on the course in the centre of the city or attend the ski school.